‘How many sticks do you pee on before you believe you’re pregnant? ‘

How many sticks do you pee on before you believe you’re pregnant? Well, if you’re anything like me, about 14! I’m so glad that I had some of those cheap pregnancy strips in my bathroom cupboard, because that would have been super expensive otherwise. I think I did around 10 pregnancy tests in my bathroom, one after another, before I eventually said to myself “OK, I think I’m pregnant” and then in the same thought “Crap, what will my fiancé say”.

I always dreamed of the special ways I would tell my partner I was pregnant, I could; buy him a ‘I’m going to be a daddy’ t-shirt, write it in a fortune cookie, put an actual bun in the oven (but then that would spark a whole other conversation- a bun to me is a cupcake and a bun to him in a breadcake/roll but what ever this is about babies not the breadcake/roll/bun argument). Wait, where am I, OK, so I didn’t do any of those things. I walked out of the bathroom holding all of these wee soaked sticks and passed them to him and just blurted; “I’m pregnant”. I tried not to show any kind of emotion just incase he wasn’t as excited about this as me. I didn’t know how he was gong to react. You see all of these men online reacting to the wonderful and creative pregnancy announcements, and they’re so happy they’re crying and hugging each other… and my soon to be husband didn’t do any of those things. After what felt like an age, but was only around 20 seconds, of our still and silent poker faces, I asked him how he felt. Was he happy? Was he ready? Was he… going to throw up? I think he was just in shock at first but then had put on the same face as me; the blank look, the not showing any emotions just incase I wasn’t OK with this look. BUT I WAS SO OK WITH THIS! And so was he… after the initial shock had worn off. Although, he wasn’t all too trusting on the cheap home pregnancy tests I bought online, so we went to the chemist for a ‘real test’ as he called it, and ouch, babies are expensive from the get go; a double pack of home pregnancy tests set me back £11 and he bought us 2 packs. After I drank about 2 litres of water I finally needed the loo again, lo and behold all 4 of the ‘real’ pregnancy tests were positive. We were pregnant and then he finally showed some emotion. He was excited, thrilled, delighted and all of the other synonyms for showing happiness. We hugged and I cried a little. I didn’t feel pregnant yet, I expected to feel pregnant, I couldn’t wait to feel pregnant.

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