Morning Sickness? HA!

What even is morning sickness? Who called it morning sickness? Who is lucky enough to only throw up in the morning and be able to get on with their lives, without having to carry disposable bags in there handbag and hundreds of mints? I am jealous of those people. Truly jealous.

My ‘morning’ sickness started around 8 weeks into my pregnancy. As unpleasant as this was, I remember smiling after my first meeting with the toilet bowl. “I finally feel pregnant… or was it the garlic bread I ate earlier? Ugh …Garlic bread” …and that was my second meeting. After that, i don’t think i ever smiled after my many, many trips to vomit. As the pregnancy went on, I found out that everything had a smell…EVERYTHING. The smell of cutlery made me feel nauseous. Who knew that knives and forks even had smells? I didn’t, but they did have a smell, and they made me want to hurl. The doctor suggested I try ginger biscuits and teas to ‘settle my stomach’, my other mummy friends suggested ginger too, but unfortunately it didn’t work for me. Its worth a try though. Even if its just so you have an excuse to eat biscuits in bed first thing on a morning. You don’t need to ask me twice. Its a shame the doctor didn’t suggest double chocolate biscuits to settle my stomach, I think I could have persevered a little longer if that was the case.

I wish I could tell you that I tried this one thing and it cured my morning sickness for good and I got up every morning, bright eyed bushy tailed and managed to open the cutlery drawer without wanting to vomit every time. But I can’t, I’m sorry. It is hard on your tummy. I tried anti sickness tablets (they didn’t work as i thought they would) but was concerned about how many I was having to take so i decided not to continue. I was ill numerous times a day, at work, at home, in the car, supermarket toilets (gross). A word of advice and too much information, but, when your tummy gets bigger and your baby is pushing on your bladder, be sick in a bucket whilst sat on a toilet. Its easier than mopping up pee from your bathroom floor.

I was eventually able to stand the smell of cutlery again, but then came everything else. I couldn’t cook with garlic or onion, I could barely stand to put a pizza in the oven for the other half. I couldn’t walk down the dairy isle in the supermarket or any where near it without covering my nose, or occasionally throwing the trolly to my other half so I could make a break for the toilets. – NOTE: Always carry hand sanitiser because you can use soap and wash your hands as often as you want but when you’ve been head first in a public toilet, you will not feel clean until you’ve antibacterial washed everywhere! 
My cats too, I love my cats to death, but I was ready to put them outside and close the door. They are indoor cats and their litter tray made me nauseous, not even used cat litter, fresh out of the bag- I couldn’t stand it. (One good thing about being pregnant is your not allowed to change the litter! YAYY!) Eventually my morning sickness did stop for me! Woo! Well it didn’t stop exactly. I went from around 6 times a day to 4 and then down to once or twice every couple of days and I think that was only down to certain smells. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I promise!

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