Sharing our news with our families.

When A and I found out we were pregnant we decided that we were not going to tell anyone until we had our first scan. I said that because I didn’t do that amazing pregnancy announcement with him that we should wait and do it with our parents when we have a scan photo. It would be lovely. We could tell them in a beautiful way that we’re having a baby by giving them a scan photo.

Literally as soon as we came out of our booking appointment with the midwife we were far too excited and decided we just couldn’t wait another 3 weeks to share our news with our families and we had to do it that night! So how do we do it? It wasn’t possible to visit our families that night. (We live in Newcastle, my parents live in Yorkshire and his parents live in Cumbria). It would be a pretty expensive round trip. So we decided to get creative and tell everyone via Skype when they got home from work.

We made flip cards that asked everyone to gather around the phone/tablet/laptop they were using I wish we had saved the cards we made, why didn’t we save the cards? Why didn’t I think that in a years time I would be writing a blog and would need those cards?  Grrr. Anyway I thin it went something like this. ”Hello. I bet you wondered why we gathered you all around. Well. We want to invite you. To save the date. (we were engaged at the time and wanted people to think these were the save the date invitations) And to share  with us. That moment when. 2 people. Become. 3. Baby Logan Due 27-11-16.” I really wish I had those cards I am sure we worded it much better than that. I told you, I am not a writer. `Anyway, we first called my parents to share this with them, and this was the first time I had ever seen my Dad cry with happiness. Needless to say both my Mum and Dad were thrilled and couldn’t wait to see us to give us both a big squish. I could see my Dad couldn’t wait to be a Grandad and my mum was already deciding whether she wanted to be a Grandma or Nana. We joked she would be a GLAMma as she was  far too glam to be a Gran!

Next, we called A’s parents, it worked out well that his sister Katherine was visiting her parents that day and she found out the same as our parents. I was more worried to tell his parents than mine. Just in case they weren’t as excited about it. You never know how people are going to react or what they’re thinking. Did they want us to be married first? What would they think of me? Nonetheless they seemed happy and excited for us and as the weeks of pregnancy went on they proved they were very happy about the pregnancy. I think that was the beginning of us becoming closer two families and I felt accepted even more into the Logan family. I am unsure whether it was that same minute we hung up the Skype call with them that A’s sister Katherine started buying baby clothes, but I’m sure it wasn’t too long after.

J x

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