The booking appointment.

I called my doctors to tell them I was pregnant, unsure of the next steps. I was told I had to give them a urine sample so they could do a pregnancy test to confirm my pregnancy. Could I not just take my 14 pee sticks instead? No? OK then.

Once the doctors have confirmed your pregnancy they give your details to the midwives and they will call to make a booking appointment. I had my booking appointment when I was 8/9 weeks. It took around an hour and a half. You basically give them all of your family history and they take some blood and give you the infamous ‘pregnancy notes’ that you need to take with you to every appointment. If you’re lucky, like I was, I had a room with a toilet right at the side of it, so I could rush to vomit part way through. This was the first time I had met my midwife, Mandy. She was hilarious, and she didn’t sugar coat things, which I loved. She really made me feel at ease from the start and when I next see her at my doctors appointments I’ll make sure to thank her again for it! My partner and I were able to ask any and all of the questions that we had, and trust me we had a lot. I remember being even more excited about being pregnant after leaving the health centre and it spurred us on to come up with baby names!

J x

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