I could not get enough of that disgusting looking tin of green goop. I would literally have it on anything I could. Not very many restaurants serve it though, you have to ask really nicely if you want Pizza and a side of mushy peas.

I didn’t crave anything ridiculous like chalk, sponges or cream egg sandwiches or anything like that, but I did have a few moments where I tried stomach turning concoctions because at the time they seamed like they would taste divine. They did not!
- Imagine a dairlylea lunchable but substitute the crackers for Oreos, the ham for peanut putter (this sounds normal) and then add a big wedge of cheese. If i didn’t have a block of cheese, cheese slices would do. You can still dunk in milk. I had around 4 of these before I decided that it probably wasn’t the best idea.
-Ooooooh Mint sauce. On everything. Even on the mushy peas. But not on the oreos.

The smell of comfort fabric softener is amazing and I loved it even more so when I was pregnant, so much so that I would go around the house rubbing it on my radiators so I felt like i was being hugged by it, sometimes choked by it.

Towards the end all I wanted was Baileys. I didn’t touch a drop of alcohol throughout my whole pregnancy though, not even a cheeky sip of champers at my wedding. I know they say you can have a little bit but I wasn’t bothered for it. A couple of nights after we came home from the hospital A bought me a big bottle of Baileys luxury chocolate and I only had the tinyest sip, but, oh…my…god it was the best thing i had ever tasted!

Why do we get cravings? What are they? Do they exist just so we can use our newly found pregnancy hormones and demand those ridiculous foods at 3 am until we cry? All I know is my Husband did not drive around town at 4 am looking for somewhere to buy oreos, cheese, peanut butter and milk like they do in films. He genuinely couldn’t care less. On a plus side, we chose our wedding breakfast based on my cravings for mushy peas. FISH & CHIPS! mmmmm…

J x

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