International Womens Day

To be honest, I had no intentions of writing a piece on Intenational Women’s Day, but when I sit and think of all the truly amazing women that have helped shape my life, I cant help but feel a little emotional. There are so many women throughout history that have enabled me to be the woman I want to be, to do the things I want to do, without boundaries. There are baby girls being born right now, that will grow up to do amazing things and my only hope is that my daughter, as well as any other future children, will grow up believing that they can do what ever they set their minds and hearts to do, with absolutely no limitations on their dreams.

“Don’t let anyone tell you you’re weak because you’re a woman.” –  Mary Kom

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” – Michelle Obama

My inspiration today, does not come from women renowned for breaking barriers for other women throughout history. Instead, I am inspired by the women closest in my life.

My Mother Claire. The woman who brought me life. The woman who carried me in her belly all those months, who nurtured me and taught me how to walk and talk. She taught me that I can do what ever I set my mind to do and has supported me through all of my decisions and life choices, no matter how distant or ridiculous they seamed. Don’t get me wrong, we argue like nobodies business, but I know its because she only wants the best for me. My mum helped to teach me that martial arts is not just a boys sport, girls can do it too, and we are damn good at it! She helped to give me the life that I wanted, and not the one that was thrown at me. I would have failed at so many things in my life if it wasn’t for the support that my mother has given me, and continues to give me. She inspires me to be the best person and mother I can be. I love you so much mum and I would be truly lost without you!

My Grandmother Carol. One of the most influential and inspiring women in my life. I have always had security within the arms of my Grandma, I have always felt safe. Even now, when I am ill, I will always call my Grandma for advice. She has a great knowledge of life and nursing and has worked hard everyday of her life to achieve her dreams of becoming a midwife, district nurse and then ear care specialist. Even though she is now retired, she continues to care for and support her whole family including her husband, mother, mother in law and late father. Every penny she has, she has worked hard for. She has pushed through her own boundaries and overcome things I bet she never thought she could, including becoming the sole breadwinner in her family and dealing with the loss of a baby. She is a wonderful Wife, Sister, Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother and friend. Some of my fondest memories include my grandma and I don’t think she knows how truly strong and inspirational she is.

My Sister Tilly. She is headed to be the strongest woman in my family. She knows what she wants and she gets it, she may encounter a few hiccups along the way, but she overcomes everything that is thrown at her and just gets on with it! She doesn’t let anyone tell her what she can and cant do, especially if they say she cant because she is a woman! She is working hard to qualify as a social worker and is growing up to become a wonderful, strong and influential woman who is going to change the lives of so many people including my daughters. We have argued like cat and dog all of my life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Mwah x

My Mother In Law Jen– Over the last 4 years this remarkable woman has given me all of the advice and direction I have needed. When I moved to Newcastle, away from all of my friends and family, she took me under her wing and made me feel like a part of the family and for that I thank her! Jen is a role model for her children, grandchild, nieces and nephews with her positive attitude and values, she is a force of nature and leaves her mark on everyone she spends time with. Jen has worked her way through an amazing career as a nurse and lecturer for which she works so hard and has raised so much money for Marie Curie with all of her fundraising.
My daughter is blessed to have a grandma with such love, strength and self determination as you! Much Love xx

My Sister In Law Katherine– My landlady, my friend and now my sister. One of the most loving Aunties my daughter has the pleasure of having, I know she is always there for both me and Hallie should we ever need her. She helped me begin a new career in property at a time when I needed a new direction in my life. Katherine is a strong and determined woman who knows exactly what she wants and she works her hardest to achieve it. She makes the most amazing cupcakes and if you ask her nicely she will make a ton for your wedding 😉 Somehow she always manages to find the cutest baby clothes and teddies!
I know you and Hallie will grow up to be so close. I genuinely couldn’t ask for a better sister in law! Mwah! x

Molly, My Grandma in law (if there is such a thing)- This amazing woman has always offered me a helping hand throughout my pregnancy and since the birth of her Great Granddaughter. She is a fabulous; Mother of two, Grandmother to four and Great Grandma to my daughter Hallie and I know she loves each and every one for them with every fibre of her being.
Molly, you really do make me feel like part of the family and I know that Andrew has some of the fondest childhood memories because of you! x

It is so important to encourage everyone, woman, man, girl or boy into being who they want to be and doing what they dream of doing. We shouldn’t be wasting our time putting other women down, we should be empowering them! Every woman can be inspirational, we just have to believe in ourselves and in others!

“A woman in any form shall be celebrated and honored, be it, a sister or a wife or a mother or any other form.”

J x

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