Baby Essentials

As a mother, you want the best for your children. Sometimes that means wanting to buy them absolutely everything they could possibly need before they are even born. Partially due to excitement and partially because of that new found pregnancy sense of smell we have acquired, meaning we can now sniff our way to any baby isle, in any shop or supermarket and everything somehow, ends up in our trolleys. I think I managed to share this sense of smell with my sister-in-law too as she always seemed to end up in the baby isles buying the cutest baby clothes.

Here is my list of Baby Essentials and the handy things that I personally, just could not live without.



-Cot plus mattress and sheets
-Wardrobe/Drawers- Their clothes are so tiny but they have so many!
We knew we wanted more children and so we splurged a little and with our wedding money bought the Mothercare Lulworth 3-piece Nursery Furniture Set -Classic White in the hope that we could re use this furniture. It is very sturdy and you can change the baby on top of the drawers which is a great space saver, and saves your back too!

Changing equipment
Nappies– We use Asda’s little Angels. They are not only cost effective, they are comfortable and don’t leek as much as other supermarkets own brands. Aldis Mamia nappies are great too! I bought 2 bags of first size nappies and a pack of size 2 to begin with. I wouldn’t buy any more than that because they do grow out of the first size quite quickly.
Changing Mat
Baby wipes– I waited until there was a baby event at Asda and bought a box of 12 Sensitive, Non Fragranced wipes when they were on offer for around £6 but there are always plenty of deals on wipes.
Cotton wool pads/balls– For wiping our newborns sensitive little bums in the first few weeks. (Just dip in warm water)
Nappy sacks– Nappy sacks are nappy sacks no matter the price. I buy the cheapest ones I can find and try to get the odour neutralising ones that have tie handles. £1.50 for 150 bags.
-Cream- I swear by Asda’s Metanium barrier ointment cream its amazing!

Car Seat– We spoke with one of the guys in Mothercare about which one to buy as there are so many you can become a little flustered with the choice. We went with the Maxi Cosy Cabriofix car seat in the end but it is totally your choice.

Pram– Choose any style within your budget. We chose the Mothercare Orb Pram and Pushchair. We chose the pram at the same time as the car seat to ensure the car seat would be able to attach onto the pram too.

Nursing Bra & Breast Pads- I know I seem to be banging on about Mothercare today but seriously they are always so helpful when I go in there. I bought a couple of double pack sleep bras which are super comfortable. I would advise speaking to a bra fitter in Mothercare who will tell you exactly what is best for you. I went up 5 bra sizes when my milk came in so don’t go overboard as your bra size will fluctuate,

Baby Bath-You can buy many baby baths/seats that fit inside your own tub. We were given a baby with a seat built in (two stage bath). As we only have a shower in our house, we have a baby bath that we fill up in the kitchen sink and then lay on the living room floor. Its a little bit awkward carrying it as its so heavy, so I decided to buy a baby seat and fill my sink with baby bubbles. We have a large sink so I wouldn’t advise that if yours is small.

Changing Bag
Muslins– Tonns of muslins
Steriliser – I bought the Tommee Tippee Steriliser kit in white when it was on offer for £50
Bottles– Even if you’re planning on breastfeeding Id still recommend buying a couple of bottles just incase. (You can never be too prepared) You can always keep them in their packaging and sell them on if you didn’t use them.

Things you don’t need but are a life saver if you can get them!

Moses Basket
Bottle Prep Machine– My life saver now I have started bottle feeding. Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine is the best invention since the epidural. It takes 2 minutes, 2 actual minutes to make a bottle. Easy Peasy!
Bottle Warmer
Breast Pump- Manual or Electric
Bath thermometer
Activity Gym
Feeding Pillow

Bouncer chair

Dummy Steriliser
Sleeping/Grow Bags

Travel Bottle warmer– If I go into town I always take the bottle warmer with me as some cafes can be a little funny about giving you hot water to heat a bottle, health and safety and all that! It has definitely halted my anxiety over not being able to feed my baby while out and about.
Isofix/family fix base-if your car has the adaptions for it. Once its fitted into your car you click your car seat into it until there are 3 green lights and thats it. I feel so more at ease when I use this.

J x

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