Off to bed, Sleepy head!

That’s it then. She’s in her cot. In her own bedroom. Sleeping peacefully. *GULP*.

So last week we decided to let H sleep in her own room for the first time after outgrowing her Moses Basket. We had bought her a crib for our room, but she never really settled in it. I had prepared myself for restless nights, broken sleep from getting up every hour to settle her and had already stocked up the cupboards with jars of coffee for refuelling (like I don’t do that anyway…*slurp*). I expected her to take a while to settle in her own room, that she would cry all night wanting her mama, that I would never get any sleep. To my surprise, she loves her cot. She falls asleep relatively quickly without me having to rock her. She has a better nights sleep because its quieter. She wakes up when she wants to instead of when our alarms buzz and yet I still wish she was right next to me.

I guess it was me that wanted her next to me for comfort, not the other way around. To be honest she could have probably moved into her own room a little while ago, but I spent the first 4 months sleeping with one eye open, making sure she was still breathing, that she hadn’t managed to roll herself over and not be able to roll back. Frankly, we just enjoy having her in the same room as us, listening to her little snores and cute little noises she makes. For now I will settle for staring at the baby monitor until I fall asleep. Just incase.

J x

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