Is it too much to ask for you just to stay still…please?

My little lamb is rolling! Front to back, back to front every where. Whenever she can. At 6 months old, she’s finally doing it. I am so thrilled that she has mastered this milestone as we’ve been trying so hard for weeks, if not months trying everything we can to get her to roll. That being said, I wish we could flip the rolling switch off every now and again.

“I am perfectly fine with you rolling around on the carpet, searching for toys and playing peekaboo its really fun I know, but Hallie… sweetie, please stop doing it in your cot mummy is going to have a heart attack!”

(Before you read this next bit, she is absolutely fine! Don’t worry.)

I have never jumped out of bed and ran so fast in my life. I am talking about last week. When I woke up in the middle of the night, peered over at the baby monitor to see her face down into her mattress, arms above her head, laid perfectly still. I burst through her door and rolled her over, my heart beating so loud I’m positive my husband could hear it on the baby monitor. I carefully but quickly roll her, holding my breath, and there she is, absolutely fine, giving me the biggest smile ever thinking we’re having some kind of moonlight playtime. I picked her up and smushed her little face into mine and gave her a big hug. “Why would you do that to me? You’re grounded until you’re 21.” Thats me never sleeping ever again!

How are we supposed to do this? We all know the “back to sleep” & “feet to foot” sleeping positions for their safety but how are we supposed to keep up with this when they learn to roll? How do we deal with the fact that once babies know how to roll, they will find a comfy sleeping position and it may well be on their tummies? Do we roll them back on to their backs every time they roll? If so when do we sleeeeeeep?

The answer is, no. The chances are that once our babies are able to roll onto their tummies in their sleep they are also able to roll back, especially if we have been keeping up with tummy time. The risk of SIDS dramatically reduces around 6 months, although the NHS recommend we should continue to place our babies on their backs until their 1st birthday. The fact is that rolling our babies back to their back in the night isn’t going to do anything, they just keep rolling onto their tummies, TRUST ME. Granted, those first few times you notice you will barge into their rooms and proceed to roll them over, as anyone would. Thats fine too, but you can’t sustain that all night or you would never sleep, (speaking from my own experience). If you’re really worried and not getting any sleep you could look into getting a movement and send monitor.

I made a post a few months ago about my anxieties around SIDS and what to do to prevent it but heres a recap.

Tips to prevent SIDS

-Lie your baby on his/her back
-Place your baby in the “feet to foot” position with their little tootsies touching the end of the cot/moses basket
-Tuck in all loose covers no higher than their armpits and ensure your baby head is uncovered always.
-Allow your baby to sleep in the same room as you for the first 6 months
-Use a mattress in good condition
-Breastfeeding has also been proven to lower the chance of SIDS (but I understand not everyone can do this and you shouldn’t bet yourself up if you can’t!)

-Dont smoke or allow anyone to smoke in the same room as your baby
-Dont sleep in the same bed as your baby
-Dont let your baby get too hot.

I also used to put a duvet on my daughter cot, all tucked in, just to make it extra comfy for her to sleep on (not underneath) but I have since removed it as my daughter has an air flow mattress.

J x



3 thoughts on “Is it too much to ask for you just to stay still…please?

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  1. 😀 Yeah, I worried with baby #1…. Baby #2 slept on her tummy from her first month onward because she wouldn’t settle down on her back – and still hates laying on it. But yes, I was anxious often until she was 6mo! Turns out MANY people still put kids to sleep on their stomach because – surprise, surprise – they sleep much better like that.


  2. I can so relate to this. My baby is almost 11 months now, so he is trying to walk…just holding onto everything he can…we are running after him, avoiding him falling and getting hurt…but we are prepared for that too 🙂 not easy lol!


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