Here we go…again.

So here we are, back again, with a 10 month old in tow and now 5 months pregnant. I would love to say that I am having a magical experience, that I’m loving every minute of being pregnant again, but that simply is not true. Pregnancy sucks and its even harder to feel sorry for yourself when you’re running around after a 10 month old all day. It is exhausting!  Don’t think for a second though that I am not completely over the moon that we are expecting a little blue bundle of joy. I am. We are. Completely. Everything my body is going through is absolutely worth it.

I mean. I can sit and moan all day about how my back hurts, how I wish I was one of those lucky few that don’t get ‘every minute of the day sickness’, and how if I lean forward, even slightly, I’m likely to get a mouthful of acid in my mouth and be out of breath. But ask me if id rather not be having a baby, whether i regret it? HELL NO. Just pass me the Gaviscon!

I am planning on doing a week by week (from now on) pregnancy journal on how I am feeling, whats going on with the baby, what little goodies I have bought, that sort of thing.  I Just thought, as I am starting this at week 22 + 4 days pregnant, that I would give you a run through on how the first few months have been!

I know some of you might think, oh dear, why does every mum fancy themselves a mummy blogger. For me, I do it to reflect on my thoughts and feelings at specific times in my life. Its also something i hope to share with my children when they are old enough to understand. Plus, I love to read how other mums are managing and what they are doing differently to me. Sure, sometimes I may scoff at how seemingly unhelpful to me some of the other bloggers posts may be. But a lot of the time I get inspiration for things to do with my own child and most Importantly I am reminded how I am not alone with any of the thoughts and feelings I have and I find great comfort in that. I can only hope that someone somewhere finds comfort in some of my posts.

So before I was even pregnant with my first, Hallie Kate, myself and my husband, Andrew, had discussed how we would love to have children close together. (Andrew and his sister Katherine are 15 months apart and he would always talk about how he loved his childhood and how close he was to his sister growing up.) So when Hallie was around 3/4 months or so, we started talking about trying for another, you know, sometimes its not possible to have a baby right away, and so we figured if we started early, then whenever we fell pregnant would be fine for us. Did we expect to fall pregnant right away. No. I expected this to take a while. But we are blessed that this happened so quickly for us and there will be 14 months between our Little Logans.

We found out we were pregnant again right after my sisters engagement party in May, so we found out pretty early.  I was pretty stunned to say the least, that those little lines appeared on the pregnancy test, and the next and the next. Yes, I still peed on half a dozen tests just to make sure, you have to don’t you?

I would say we were more chilled this time around. I wasn’t sprinting to the doctors to make an appointment with my midwife the second we found out, like the first time. (I mean, this time I just walked briskly…I was still very excited.) I guess I just felt a little more at peace this time. I felt as though I didn’t have to panic as much, that there was no need to try and rush to get appointments as soon as physically possible. I knew what I needed to do and it was ok to just go with the flow for a few weeks.  I went to the chemist and I bought some vitamins and folic acid and I just waited the weeks out until my 1st Scan!!

img_5695.jpg12 Weeks! Just look at that little peanut. Its still amazes me how even at 12 weeks they look like babies. I think the 12 week scan is my favourite. For the first few weeks, apart from the sickness, and the tiredness,  you don’t particularly feel pregnant. I mean, you feel like you should feel pregnant. You want to. But You can’t feel them yet, as many times as you try to convince yourself that it might not actually be gas this time. You probably aren’t showing a baby bump either. So somewhere in the back of your mind you still think, “maybe all of those pregnancy tests were false positives. Maybe, I have just had a sickness bug.  This might not all be real.” Then there it is, on that little screen, a baby. Your baby, and you realise it is real and it is happening and its the most wonderful feeling in the entire world.

20 Week Scan! I loved seeing my little nugget again. There is something about this scan that makes you just stare intently at the screen for as long as you can. Its amazing how you can see their little hands and feet moving around, they may even suck their thumb or give you a little wave. Its weird because although this is probably only the second time you will see your little bundle of joy its probably going to be the last time you see them too  until you finally get to held them in your arms. Its a very long time to go 20 weeks without having any more ultrasounds. I suppose thats why some choose to pay for private scans. Its a very exciting time and seeing your little one wriggle is very addictive.





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  1. Jennifer we are so proud of you and the way you have taken to being a mummy. We know it’s going to be hard but you are a strong yummy mummy and u will be fabulous. Exciting times to follow. Lv u mum xxxx


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