My pregnancy journal: Week 22- Baby number 2.

I genuinely have no idea how I am 22 weeks pregnant already! It all seams a little surreal at the moment. I am over half way through… let me take a breath. I am almost there, I can, kind of see the finish line,  even if I can no longer see my…[toes].

So, I guess most people would think, “oh she’s been through this before, fairly recently, she should remember everything that happened throughout her last pregnancy and she should be used to it all now, it will be easy for her”. Well, that just isn’t true. I have no idea what is going to happen next, how I am going to feel, how I’m going to cope, continuously crawling around the floor playing peek-a-boo with Hallie whilst simultaneously sipping gaviscon, trying not to throw up, balancing a heated wheat bag on my back, mopping up breast milk leakages (oh yeah thats back) all whilst sporting a ginormous bump. Being a second time mum doesn’t make me any less nervous or paranoid about whats happening to me. I guess, I can think back on similar times of struggle in my last pregnancy and try to remember what I did that helped, but in some ways this pregnancy has differed so much to my last.

According to bounty. This week my baby is…

papaya_311073As big as a papaya!

Well, that doesn’t really help me because I don’t think I have ever held a whole papaya, but apparantly a papaya is around 27cm, much like the length of my little one from head to toe. My uterus has now expanded and the top of it should be level with my belly button.

The baby’s gums have already started to develop tooth buds ready for his first teeth to push through when he is a couple of months old.  Then I’ve got teething to look forward to again. Oh the Joys! His organs are also continuing to grow and the lungs will be developing more rapidly over the next couple of weeks. He will also be starting to produce meconium now, this is greenish-black, sticky substance stored in the bowels that he will continue to make throughout my pregnancy. This will then be his first poop.

My body this week…

Well, I look pregnant and I feel pregnant. I can feel his little kicks and flips and it feels amazing. It still creeps me out a little bit. I’ve never quite gotten used to feeling babies move inside of me. Its an odd sensation. I believe he has found a new toy in his little home, he loves to kick it and i believe he is also attempting to jump up and down on it. I am not all too sure he knows this is in fact my bladder and not his squishy toy, I will have words once he is born.
The most incredible thing for me this week is that when my daughter laughs, and I mean really chuckles I feel lots of movement, almost like he is trying to join in with her from the womb. Its a lovely feeling and I wish my husband could experience it. mind you, if I am wishing for things I change my wish, I wish that my husband could carry him for me. Like a seahorse. Instead of me.
My all day, every day sickness seams to have died down now, I am now only sick once or twice a week instead of once or twice an hour.  Unfortunately, as one symptom goes away another has come back with vengeance. I have THE WORST back, groin, thigh and pelvic pain imaginable. I remember having this the last few weeks of pregnancy with Hallie and I would just take it easy and sit on my birthing ball and do little exercises. Well its a bit difficult to do that when my daughter doesn’t want me to sit down. Ever. I am struggling to walk and climb stairs, to get in and out of the bath and to pick up my 10 month old. She isn’t walking just yet so I have to carry her up the stairs which is a nightmare when my back is acting up. I just can’t do it. I get half way and have to stop and compose myself before tackling the rest. I am trying to make appointments with physio but they seam harder to contact than the queen, I am yet to even be put through to someone to make an appointment even though I was referred 6 or so weeks ago. But Hey Ho! Life goes on.


None so far. I want junk food. But I always want junk food so I don’t think I can call it a craving!


Balsamic Vinegar- I dunked my nando’s garlic bread, put it to my mouth and instantly regretted it.


I am level headed at the moment I think. Although, if you ask my husband I am sure he will disagree. I have found myself to be a little more teary over the last few weeks but not heavily. I am getting tired a lot quicker, so by bed time I may over react to annoyances a little more than I should…hormones?

What did I buy for the little guy!

Last week I went through all of my daughters old clothes and made piles for charity, a bin pile, and a pile of clothes that weren’t particularly girly so I thought why not add them to the little mans wardrobe. I have also started buy-in he odd few bits along with my weekly online food shop. I always find its the little bits you need that end up costing a fortune if you buy them all at once.

I have; newborn nappies, 3 packs cotton wool, Johnsons top and tail wash, dummies, sponges, nappy cream, nappy bags, a brush. I also dug out Hallies top and tail bowl, my breast pump, my breast feeding cover and a couple of other bits. If I really could be bothered I would go into the other room and look in the big wicker basket with all the newborn supplies in, but quite frankly, I am laid on my bed, Hallie is asleep, I am somewhat comfortable and I really can not be bothered so that list will just have to suffice until next week. 🙂

J x

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