My Pregnancy Journal: 23 Weeks- Baby Number 2.

I woke this morning and made a toast to myself upon entering into my 23rd week. Whilst I wish I could have toasted with a cheeky little mimosa, instead I opted for a gigantic mug of tea with a side of Gaviscon… Delish’!

So far, my pregnancy seams to be whizzing by. I swear it feels like I’m entering week 13 and not 23, well apart from all those lovely mid-pregnancy symptoms. You know, heartburn, headaches, tiredness and a sore everything. At the same time, there are times when I feel as though as I am still pregnant with my first baby and actually 18 months pregnant and not just 5. It seams to be equally dragging as it is sprinting by. I just want to hold my little boy now, to see his perfect little face and take in a big whiff of that amazing baby smell.  Then, just as I start to imagine how wonderful it will be to do all of those things I get an instant knot in my stomach, I instantly feel guilty about how much time I am going to be spending with him in those vital first few weeks and wonder how my daughter is going to handle sharing mummy and not having all of my attention all of the time. I know its silly to think like that at this time but these are my thoughts!

According to bounty. This week my baby is…

unnamedAs Big as a mango!

*Ooooooh do I want mango? *

Apparently my little munchkin looks much like a newborn, only skinnier. At the moment his organs and bones are still visible through his translucent skin. There is plenty of time for him to plump up though, and as he does so his skin will become more opaque *Does that give me the go ahead to eat cookies all day?* He is around 30 cm in length and around 500g right now!

*I have now added mango to my shopping list for next week*
His little eyes are now completely formed, although without colour just now, I am sure they are still beautiful, just like his sisters. My little ones lungs are developing further and he is getting ready to take his first breaths by practicing breathing in my womb. Loud noises are starting to become more familiar to him and this means he will be less likely to jump and kick me when he hears them. He is also starting to recognise my voice, thats my excuse for talking out loud to myself now anyway. (Not that I needed an excuse before!) I have heard classical music is soothing to babies, maybe its time to whip out the Baby Bach!

*I can’t wait until next week, I have texted the hubby to bring some mango home*

My Body this week…

I am starting to feel hungrier than normal. A lot hungrier than normal actually. This morning I woke up around 3am to pee and when trying to get back to sleep I found myself fantasising about food. I guess I did it to myself, I was thinking about Christmas and then ALL I could think about was the food! You know all that lovely christmassy food and drink; rare beef, pâté, brie, camembert, eggnog, baileys,…I could go on but my tummy is starting to rumble and I my have to start wearing a dribble bib. 

My bump! I caught a glimpse of myself in a shop window yesterday and my baby bump is getting big. I am sure I was never this big so early with Hallie. Although only a couple of days have passed since my last pregnancy journal update, I have noticed since then that baby’s kicks and flips seam to be getting a little stronger. So much so that you can see these little kicks through my clothing. My husband can’t yet feel these ‘little’ kicks, but I think thats because he is so used to feeling Hallie’s powerful kicks towards the end of my last pregnancy that he doubts himself as to whether he can actually feel these ‘little’ ones or whether its his imagination.

Whilst my bump is ever growing, this is putting extra strain on my back! However,  I FINALLY…*drumroll please*… have a Physio appointment for October! Only 2 months after I was first referred, better late than never I guess! Here’s some more information and treatments for backache during pregnancy.  

Heartburn. Oh the heartburn. It is constant, it doesn’t matter what I eat, what I don’t eat i just have it, constantly!


Is it too much to ask for me to be able to eat a whole loaf of fresh, crusty, date and walnut bread with a thick layer of butter, lashings of pâté and huge chunks of brie and camembert every day, all day? Thats all I want… and mango now. Obviously I cannot eat that, nor will I but it doesn’t stop me from wanting it all day!
I am trying to eat more healthily, despite my cravings for the above and salty snacks. I snack of fruits and veggies as often as I can instead (I mean not all of the time, a woman likes a nice bar of chocolate every now and again). Heres more info on eating healthily and diet during pregnancy.


I wouldn’t say that I have any aversions from food this week (Besides balsamic vinegar), but I have started to dislike certain smells I used to love.

-My usual bath time candle of choice, Yankee Cinnamon Stick, now makes me feel nauseous. Like, get out of the bath, blow out the candle, spray air freshener around the room whilst checking the toilet is clean just incase, nauseous!
-My Soap and Glory: Smoothie Star deep moisture body milk- thats now a no go!
-Shoe polish!



Little things are starting to bug me more than they normally would. I find myself having to think through what I am about to say next for a while in fear of overreacting. Obviously, I don’t always manage to think through all of my outbursts (my poor husband) , but I am trying my hardest to quash my irrational feelings.

What did I buy for the little guy!

We haven’t physically bought anything this week however we have figured out what car seat we would like to buy upon advise from mother care, bounty magazine and reviews on google.
Since my daughter will be 14 months by the time her brother is born, and very rarely uses her current car seat, (maybe once a week) we have decided to pass down Hallies car seat (still in excellent condition) to her brother and buy her a new stage 1 car seat. It just makes financial sense. She will need a bigger car seat at some point next year so why spend money we don’t have on a brand new car seat that baby number 2 doesn’t need just to say we have a new one.

Group 0+ Car Seat- Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix Baby Car Seat


I would recommend this car seat to anyone! This is Hallies current car seat and the one we will pass on to our new addition in January. It is belted and ISOFIX compatible, has a 3 point harness and most importantly has side impact protection. Side impact protection means that parts of the car seat are strengthened with foam material and help to cradle the baby’s head, absorbing the impact in collisions.
The car seat is relatively light weight and smart looking. It has washable seat covers and is pushchair compatible. This means that with the use of a small adaptor you can attach the seat onto compatible pushchair bases. This is soooo handy when baby is asleep in the car seat, you don’t want to wake them up but you need to get out of the car to go shopping!

Group 0+-1 Car Seat- Joie spin 360 Combination ISOFIX Car seat

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 14.51.29

This is the car seat we are hoping to buy for Hallie as her next stage car seat. Although a little more expensive than we would want to pay for a car seat, it actually comes with an attached ISOFIX base included in the price, this allows the seat to spin from back to front facing when needed. One of the great things about this seat for me is that when you want to get your child in and out of the seat, instead of struggling to get them in, it allows you to spin the seat facing out of the car door, making strapping your child in the seat so much easier.

The seat has a 5 point harness, side impact protection, washable covers, an adjustable headrest and 5 recline positions. Although you cannot connect this car seat to pushchairs like the maxi-cosh its other features put this car seat for the top of the list for me!

DONT FORGET!! Not all car seats fit in all cars! Be sure to check the car seat is compatible with your car first before you buy! Mothercare can check this for you, you can also do this online. 

J x









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