My Pregnancy Journal: Week 24: Baby #2

Here we are week 24 and officially into month 6 of my pregnancy! Scary! I do not feel prepared. At all. I know we have tons of time to sort ourselves out but I still don’t feel like we are prepared enough. By this stage when I was pregnant with my first we had already decorated the nursery, ordered the furniture and had a name. So far we have zero of those things. Granted we don’t need to decorate a nursery this time, but, we haven’t decided on furniture or even a name! Poor little guy!

I had my 24 week check with the midwife this week, everything went great and my husband finally got to hear the babies strong heartbeat, it was amazing! I am having this baby in a different hospital, a different county infant to my last and I have noticed differences in the services provided by the NHS in each. For instance, I have a higher than average BMI and when I had my last baby, in Newcastle, the only difference in myself and a mother with a normal BMI is that I had to have a Glucose Tolerance Test to check for gestational diabetes. Living in Cumbria, with my second pregnancy, I still have to have this test, however, I also have 2 extra growth scans. My first growth scan will be at 28 weeks and the next 32 weeks. I was told not to worry and that it was just the way they do things in Cumbria. Thats great news for us as we can’t wait to see our little poppet again, who knows maybe we will get some baby name inspiration.

According to bounty. This week my baby is…

As big as an ear of corn!

Our baby boy is now considered ”viable”. This means that if for any reason he should need to be born prematurely , he has a chance of survival. I definitely do not want him to be born now, he can stay in there cooking as long as he can. (Until week 40 then he will get his marching orders) He roughly around a foot long and around 600g and growing every week. His little ears are developing further and he can now work out sounds such as my voice and heartbeat. How cute. His scrumptious little face should now be fully formed along with eyelashes, hair and eyebrows.

My Body this week…

I feel fat and frumpy! My bump is rounding out and I’m starting to get out of breath when I bend.  I feel light headed and nauseous when I get up too quickly, its making getting out of bed is all the more difficult for me. Woohoo… -_-

Thanks to a new batch of hormones I have awfully dry skin. Its causing a huge breakout and not just on my face but my back and chest too. I am also left wondering where my thick glossy pregnancy hair is. Hello? Mermaid locks, where are you? My hair is dry and brittle and at the same time it looks constantly greasy.

Those little kicks are getting stronger and more frequent and they catch me by surprise at times, I can’t wait until my husband can feel them too. Its such an amazing experience, to be able to share those precious kicks and flips with the family. Although if past experience is anything to go by, I guarantee the moment I place someones hand on my stomach my little munchkin will stop kicking.

Just call me Daisy! Breast pads are now a daily fixture in my wardrobe. Yay for me… -_- I was tired of sporting the milk leakage look, its not pretty, or comfortable for that matter. My top picks for breast pads will always be; Tommee Tippee: Closer to nature disposable breast pads! They are comfortable, the right size and not visible through clothing. I have tried many different brands throughout my last pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding and even though Tommee Tippee breast pads are slightly more expensive than competitor brands, in my opinion they are completely worth it and unless they suddenly change everything about their pads I will continue to use them for the foreseeable future!


Whilst I still believe pregnancy cravings are a complete lie, made up by women as an excuse to have their partners run around the supermarket at 3am trying to find that special tub of ice cream, and that chances are we are not even going to fancy it anymore upon their return, I think everybody has cravings, or wants, pregnant or not, but pregnant women play on their cravings and we use our hormones and our big bellies to persuade those we love to let us eat a whole jar of pickles if we want to, because we are growing a child! In saying that, I still like the idea of giving into my cravings and finally having an excuse.

So this week all I have fancied is; Fruit pastels, bananas, apples & McDonalds Chicken Selects. I can eat fruit pastels at any time of the day, I will not share (well, maybe the orange ones). Bananas and apples are great to munch but I am paying for them in severe heartburn! McDonalds Chicken Selects, well I had one a couple of weeks ago and now I can’t stop thinking about them. I probably won’t like them if I have them again but It doesn’t stop me day dreaming about them!


Well, after my post last week all I could think about was mango. Now not so much. In fact, I am firmly putting mango on my aversions list along with the cinnamon spice candle.


My emotions are pretty much the same as last week, so far they are behaving themselves. But, I am getting more tired and more agitated as the day goes on and feel like I should shut myself in a room after 6pm and put a beware sign on the door. Warming do not approach on an evening unless bearing fruit pastels and chicken selects.

What did I buy for the little guy?

I picked up my Mum-To-Be Bounty pack this week from boots. Included in the pack was; a bounty buying guide with product reviews and advice, Palmers cocoa butter stretch mark massage lotion and a free pen! If you download the bounty pregnancy app you can use your phone to collect your bounty packs from Boots/Tesco.

I have just ordered our Moses Basket. Eeeeeeeek! I wasn’t planning on ordering this so soon, believe me. I had found the basket I thought I wanted and figured I would order it at the end of November/ beginning of December, but I found a bargain on sale and needed it! I have also ordered my new changing bag and I can’t wait to see what the fuss is all about. Photos to follow in the new few weeks

*I started writing this post a few days ago, I know at the top of the page it says I haven’t yet ordered any furniture*

J x

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