My Pregnancy Journal: Week 25- Baby #2

Week 25. Eeeeeeeek. 15 weeks left!
All I seam to have done this week is make appointments for myself and my daughter Hallie, I’ve got Physio’, Growth scans, Whooping cough, flu vaccine, GTT, Anti D injections & pre 1 year assessments coming out of my ears! My calendar and diary are my saviours right now, I genuinely don’t know how people get by without them! I could go on for a whole blog post about how much I love my diary but…I won’t 😉

This week I had my first Physio’ appointment and I have been given lots of leaflets and advice (I love reading leaflets…such a weirdo). I am going to write a post solely dedicated to PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain) and Physiotherapy in the upcoming weeks so keep a look out if any of you are struggling with this kind of pain too.

According to bounty. This week my baby is…

grapefruit-hiAs big as a grapefruit!

At this stage baby will be around 33cm and roughly 1.4lb how tiny. Apparently, little one (who now has a name but we are keeping secret until the birth muhahah…ha) has a little play and nap routine- which happens to be the opposite of my play and nap routine!

His response to sounds are improving too and he may be getting excited by different sounds, for example the sound of the vacuum cleaner might make him have a little boogie!

They might get excited by other noises too, and you may well feel them having a bit of a boogie to certain sounds – could be as mundane as the Hoover or car engine, but music might get them into the groove, too! Talking and singing to your baby is as important as ever at this stage in your pregnancy, and you might even want to read to them, as well.

My Body this week…

My stomach is very round and very hard and those little kicks and flips are getting more and more noticeable through my clothing. As all pregnant women do, I like to sit and have a little rub of my tummy every now and again when I can feel baby kicking. My daughter, Hallie, has picked up on this and now rubs my tummy too its so cute!

I have been moisturising my body day and night and my skin is still dry and spotty. Great.


Nothing new. Same old. Fruit pastels and chicken selects are still high up in my wants and needs! Its a shame we live 40 minutes away from the nearest McDonalds (Although I am sure my waste line is happy about that)!


Although in the last few weeks my sickness has significantly improved, I have still been sick a couple of times, usually after I have eaten fruit. I am no longer having citrus juice, fresh oranges or apples. The fruit is making my indegestion go through the roof so I’ve decided to lay off for a while and take vitamin supplements instead!


I am tired ALL OF THE TIME. I wake up groggy and go to sleep 1000x more so, my poor husband. I am definitely more tearful this week too. My daughter has started walking, not very far, or all of the time, but she is walking. My heart just melts when she holds her little arms out and walks towards me to the point where I actually tear up. I suppose those kind of things are fine to cry at. What I can’t justify is crying when Twilight Sparkle was made a princess and got her wings…aaaaaaaah.

What did I buy for the little guy?


Our Moses basket arrived! It is gorgeous. The rocking stand came flat packed and we won’t be putting that up until after Christmas (is it January yet? I want to play with it) Will update with more photos when we have assembled everything! I know its odd, but seeing this Moses basket in my room everyday just makes it feel more real, as if feeling him kicking and moving around isn’t real enough.

bag closed


Why did I not know about this bag when I had my first baby? It is AMAZING! It does not look like a changing bag at all, it has handbag straps and backpack straps giving you the ability to use it however you like. It attaches to your pram with simple clips much like other changing bags (you need to buy these separately). It has two side pockets allowing space for toys/bottles/your own water.

bag opened


bag inside

The front pocket has space for THREE bottles. I have tried and although a snug fit, Tommee Tippee newborn bottles do fit inside!  The Main part of the bag is deceptively big. I have given it a test run and it fits; 2 spare sets of clothing, 5 nappies, wipes, nappy sacks, changing mat, nappy cream, my purse, my phone, snacks, toys, muslins. It fits basically everything you need and its still easy to open and close. One of the best features, I think, is the fact that you can get an item from the bottom of your changing bag without having to route through your entire bag! You simply open the zip at the back of the bag which allows access to the bottom! Handy!

J x

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