My Pregnancy Journal: Week 26- Baby #2

Week 26! One more week until my third and final trimester and 14 more weeks (hopefully) until I get to meet my little poppet. I am already imagining what his little face will look like, whether he will be similar to me, or look identical to his daddy like his sister.

This week I had my whooping cough and flu jabs upon advice from my GP. There is no whooping cough only vaccine and therefore they give you a vaccine called Boostrix IPV which also protects you against polio, diphtheria and tetanus.  The best time to get vaccinated to ensure baby is also protected is between 16 and 32 weeks of pregnancy.

According to bounty. This week my baby is…


As big as a red cabbage!

If baby was to be born now he would have a very good chance of survival with the help of specialist care. He is roughly 2lbs and around 35/36cm.

This week baby will be starting to practice breathing and his eyes will be beginning to open, his vision will be underdeveloped at this point but this will change over the upcoming weeks.

My Body this week…

Those little kicks are getting harder and as he is getting bigger the space inside my tummy gets smaller. I can physically see my stomach moving when he moves its a bit creepy. I’m not sure ill ever get used to it, it reminds me of Alien.

My dry skin has now gone, yaaay! But, thanks to those lovely hormones, I am now left with oily skin which means spots, spots and more spots! Lucky me!

Unfortunately, pregnant women are more prone to UTI’s (Urinary tract infections) and that is what I am dealing with this week. I only have one symptom, that being a pain in my lower abdomen, quite a sharp pain to the point where it was keeping me up through the night. It was actually quite painful, I would score it a good 6/7 out of 10 on the pain scale I had no idea UTI’s could be so painful.


Milkshake. Any milkshake… and I still constantly think about chicken selects. My mother in law made THE BEST quiche the other day, (I consumed the most of it and I don’t care, pastry makes the baby extra cute and mama extra happy) and since then I wake up thinking hmmmmm should I make quiche for breakfast?


I am not really having any aversions this week I just want all the food, and once its on my plate I can’t eat it all.


Sleepy! Sleepy! Sleepy! In fact I am writing this after a short little afternoon doze on the bed.

J x

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