My Pregnancy Journal: Week 27- Baby #2

Week 27. Hello third and final trimester! Getting to this point in my last pregnancy seamed to take forever, (perhaps I just wasn’t as busy) but here I am and its come quicker than I could have imagined. I know I still have 13 weeks left but there is something about hitting that third trimester that makes you even more excited for ‘D-Day’.

According to bounty. This week my baby is…


As Big As A Cauliflower

This week baby is roughly 36cm long weighing approximately 875g. He should be starting to open his eyes now and learning the difference between day and night. If babies are able to distinguish between these different times of the day then why do they keep you up all night kicking and punching you? His brain is going through its final stages of development, and his taste buds are also beginning to establish this week! I have also read somewhere that babies heartbeat is so strong at this stage that my husband might be able to hear it if he was to put his ear to my bump! He doesn’t think he can hear it but It would be amazing if he could.

My Body this week

I am hungrier than usual, I wish I craved salad and vegetables but I want stodgy foods! I could sit and eat all day if you’d let me. Perhaps thats why my bump is getting so big!

I can no longer get away with not wearing breast pads, I have been wearing them for a couple of weeks but it hasn’t seamed to have mattered if I had forgot to wear them for a couple of hours before I get a shower. Whereas now, I can’t even brush my teeth without creating a pool of milk on my t-shirt.

My sickness has made a comeback, more so of a night time. I just get into bed, find a comfy-ish position and then I have to rush to the bathroom.

Heartburn! Anything and everything gives me heartburn and I am seriously considerings taking shares in Gaviscon!



Onion bhajis, samosas, popadoms, pakoras… basically anything found on a Indian Takeaway starters menu. As much as I love them they are all giving me heartburn but I can’t stop eating them. Is the pain worth it? Probably not but they taste so nice!


Nothing new this week but I wish I could still use my cinnamon spice candle!


Due to the fact that little one is most active whilst I am in bed I spend the majority of the day tired and therefore grumpy. Oh well, only 13 more weeks and Ill be able to sleep through the night again… oh wait.

What did I buy for the little guy?

This week my mum and sister surprised me with a little baby shower (just family) and I brought back a car full of clothes of all sizes, a wonderful hamper filled with baby bath toiletries and the like and a couple of cosy baby toys and blankets!

We don’t really have much else left to buy, I only need a couple more newborn size baby grows, sleep suits and muslins and I think were good to go.

I also picked up my hospital bags this week so I can start to pack, then re-pack, then re-wash and then re-pack both bags again!

J x



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