My Pregnancy Journal: Week 28- Baby #2

Week 28. 12 weeks to go! Wooohooo!  Our house has been struck by the dreaded lurgy this week so I’ve spent the majority of the week sneezing, coughing and generally feeling sorry for myself.

According to bounty. This week my baby is…

aubagineAs big as an aubergine/eggplant. 

Little man now weighs somewhere in the region of 2.2lbs and is around 38cm in length. At this point in my pregnancy he should be perfectly formed, although over the next 12 or so weeks he will continually put on weight, so by the time we meet him he will be extra cute and squishy, the way that all babies are!

Baby should be able to smell the same things I am smelling now. I find that really strange. Hopefully he isn’t disgusted at the smell of his big sisters dirty nappies! He should also be blinking by now too, his eye sight has developed to the point where he should be able to see my face whilst I feed him.

My Body this week

I have a cold! I am constantly sneezing, coughing and feeling hot. I have lost my appetite and I just generally feel like crap! Constant sneezing and baby using my bladder as a bouncy castle is not a good mix. Note to self: I must try harder at pelvic floor exercises.


It is starting to get more uncomfortabe when trying to sleep. I just find a comfortable position on my side and then hello acid reflux. Rolling over is a nightmare too, I get a horrible stabbing pain in my back when I try and roll. Then usually, as I try to get back to sleep I need to pee. Its a vicious cycle and I am tired!

Cravings & Aversions

As I can’t smell or taste, I haven’t really had any cravings or aversions this week, not that I have had much of an appetite anyway, but I generally can’t wait to eat again. Something besides soup!




I am starting to think a lot about labour this week, in a different way to how I did with my first. I suppose its because I’ve already been through it before so its only natural that my concerns about labour would differ. I am in the middle of writing an individual blog post about my thoughts on labour, the questions I asked myself before labour, and my answers to them now I have been through it.


J x


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