My Pregnancy Journal: Week 29- Baby #2

Week 29. Veiny Boobs, groin pain and the inability to breath when I bend. Pregnancy is so glamorous isn’t it?

According to Bounty. This week my baby is… 

squash_butternut_CT As big as a butternut squash. 

Our baby’s skin is starting to smooth out and the waxy white substance that has been covering his skin, the vernix, which protects him from the effects of the amniotic fluid is starting to go away. Although still quite small at the moment he is going to double in size/weight between now and birth.


My body this week

I am huge. I am positive I was this size at the end of my first pregnancy. I am not sure my tummy can stretch any bigger although something is telling me I’m going to get a whole lot bigger before he arrives. Every time I bend I stop breathing so a simple task of loading the dishwasher/washing machine makes me dizzy and out of breath.

Thanks to an increased blood supply to my chest, my boobs are incredibly veiny, as well as being sore due to milk production.

This week I had another growth can. All is well, we aren’t expecting a big baby but the NHS like to keep an eye on those with higher BMI’s just to make sure. Baby was lying in a funny position so we didn’t get to see any cute baby images this time, but we did manage to get measurements of different parts of his body.

I also went for my Glucose Tolerance Test this week. For this I needed to fast from midnight, which I did… kind of. Once we were in the car on the way to the hospital I found I had forgotten my water, and because I had a sore throat I was desperate for some relief from coughing, without even thinking about it I rammed a cough sweet into my mouth. When we arrived at the hospital I still had a little bit of the lozenge in my mouth and my midwife noticed and told me I couldn’t do the GTT anymore as the sweet could compromise the results. Woopsy Daisy! Its a good job we didn’t get up at 6:30 am in order to get to the hospital in time for the test… oh wait. I didn’t even think about it, I just wanted to stop coughing.

Cravings & Aversions

My appetite is back this week and I want bread. I don’t necessarily care what kind of bread, or what I have with it. I just want it.

My daughters baby food is making me nauseous. I am so glad that I only give her the punches every now and then because I don’t think id be able to cope if I had to heat up baby food 2/3 times a day.

What did we buy for the little guy?

This week I’m stocking up on everything I need for the hospital bags. I have most of our things packed, its just the last few bits I need. So this week I bought; Muslins, newborn size baby grows and sleep suits and some fitted sheets for the Moses basket. They are now in the washing machine ready to be packed!

J x




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