My Pregnancy Journal: Week 30- Baby #2

According to Bounty. This week my baby is…


As big as a cucumber. 

Every week I take a look at how big baby is in terms of fruit and vegetables and every week they seam to get even more ridiculous. Anyway, baby is fully developed by this stage he measures around 39cm in length and weighs nearly 3lbs. Over the next 10 weeks baby will continue to put on weight and more importantly his lungs will continue to develop to ensure they are strong enough to help him in the outside world. From this point baby will  begin to move himself into the ‘engaged’, head down, position ready for birth. As he does so I should begin to feel lightening of my stomach (bump dropping). This will, of course, make me walk extra cowboy/duck like. What fun!

My body this week.

I look like I am smuggling a basketball underneath my top. My tummy is so round and hard and very uncomfortable. As my tummy increases in size, my bladder appears to be decreasing in size. I need to pee all of the time and I am waking up more frequently during the night in pain because my bladder is so full.

As babys kicks and punches are becoming more and more powerful I am now able to tell the difference between those and baby hiccups. These are certainly a lot lighter and happen in a rhythmic pattern. They feel quite nice and make me want to hug my tummy a little.

I have a lot more energy than usual, not that my body wants me to do much wth all that extra energy… but still the thought is there isn’t it. I feel as though nesting has kicked in and the need to wash and rewash his entire wardrobe is getting stronger. The extra energy is doing wonders for play time with my soon to be 1 year old but the need to do more things is taking its toll on my hips, groin and back. Ouch.

Speaking of pain, sitting on the floor playing with my daughter is putting a lot of pressure on my nether region and I’m really struggling to stand back up. I know I should be sitting in a more comfortable position but what mum of a 1 year old ever gets to sit comfortably all day?

Appointments this week.

Thanks to my stupidity of accidentally eating a cough sweet last week before my Glucose Tolerance test, I had another early get up this week to actually complete the test. This time I actually managed to complete it and don’t have to rebook woohoo.

For those who don’t know, a Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) is recommended (in my case) for those with a higher than 30 BMI (see other reasons for having GTT) and it is usually carried out between 26-28 weeks of pregnancy although I had it a little later. It basically checks for gestational diabetes, I am still waiting for my results although I don’t expect any problems. The test in itself is quite lengthy. You arrive early morning, having fasted from 12am only allowing yourself to drink water. Once you arrive at the hospital you are taken to have your bloods taken and then given 2 cups to drink of a sugary solution. It tastes like a really cheap and disgusting out of date orange juice. Once you have drank the liquid you have to wait 2 HOURS… then your bloods are taken again and you can go home. Its all just very time consuming and boring but is a necessity if you may be at risk of developing gestational diabetes.

Anti-D injection

My blood is rhesus negative and I am therefore at risk of developing Rhesus Disease (RhD) during pregnancy. I can develop this condition if the child I am carrying is RhD positive and some of his blood manages to mix with mine. So to combat that I am given an injection (Anti-D) into the top of my leg. Once the baby is born his blood will be tested from the umbilical cord, if he is RhD positive I will be given another Anti-D injection to destroy any RhD blood cells that may have crossed over into my blood stream. The injection was, uncomfortable and sightly painful, but it has nothing on water papules (Sterile water injection in lower back to ease back pain during labour). I will never ever have those injections ever again even if i have the worst back pain imaginable. The immense pain from the injections are just not worth it.

Cravings & Aversions

MILKSHAKE. Any flavour, any brand, any thickness, just gimme it OK.

I do not, on the other hand, like the smell of my daughters nappies. Number 1 or number 2. Yuckkk.

What did I buy for the little guy?

This week we bought the final items for little mans hospital bag. (My bag is no where near packed. Unless I can manage with just a hair brush and deodorant.) We bought his snow suit, more baby grows and a little wash basket for our room so we don’t get baby poop all over our clothes!

J x


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