My Pregnancy Journal: Week 31 & 32- Baby #2

I am combining weeks 31 & 32 because they are practically the same, nothing much has happened… other than the fact that our entire household has been plagued with a sickness bug that we have all been playing pass the parcel with (and over my daughters first birthday too!!!).

According to Bounty. This week my baby is…

coconut_PNG9162As big as a coconut 

Baby is taking up more and more space in my tummy (and don’t I know it) he roughly weighs about 3.7lbs and is around 42cm long. His skin should now be smooth and soft and he will continually put on weight and get less and less transparent the chunkier her gets. Apparently, while baby is sleeping he could be dreaming! How on earth scientists know this is beyond me. What would he even dream about?

My little monkey is so active and kicks me day and night. Others have started to spot when he rolls over or sticks his foot out. It looks disgusting and feels really WEIRD.
He should have started to move into the engaged position by now, however, after a recent growth scan I found out he is in the breech position. I am hoping and praying he gets his head down because I really don’t fancy having a doctor try to put him in the right position and I don’t particularly want a c-section. He still has a little time to find his way though so I’m crossing my fingers.

My body this week.

I am tired. I need coffee. I am huge. I am sore. I am tired. I am grumpy. I am uncomfortable. My groin hurts. I have heartburn. I am running out of gaviscon. I need coffee. I need to nap for 12 days. I am hungry. I am nauseous. I am spotty. I have sore boobs. I need to poop. I am tired. I need coffee…I need coffee. I need Coffee….

Cravings & Aversions

Almost everything gives me heartburn at the moment so there are lots of things I really want to eat but are just not worth the pain. I want to eat chocolate and drink strong, fresh, filter coffee until it comes out of my ears, but because I have to watch my caffein intake I am limited to one measly cup and only a small amount of chocolate. Boo hoo.

What did I buy for the little guy?

I don’t think I have anything left to  buy for little man now. We have cleaned down Hallie’s old pram and made it newborn ready again. We have also done the same thing with Hallie’s old car seat. Its good as new and has all of its original padding put back in to ensure it is small enough for little legs.

My hospital bag is getting there…slowly. I have now packed my nighties and underwear but because of the limited amounts of nursing bras that I have I can only afford to pack those closer to my due date. Yes, I am already wearing nursing bras because my normal bras no longer fit. Everyday I am a different cup size/back size and I can’t physically stand to have anything tight around me. Comfort all the way!

J x

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