A letter to my baby girl on her first birthday.

No way. This is not happening. You’re one already? This can’t be. How has a full year passed? 

Honestly. It feels as though it was just last week I was staring at you in complete amazement, love and fear as you lay, only a few hours old, bundled up in blankets, in that transparent bassinet that lay at the side of my hospital bed. I had to hold your head up for you, burp and wipe you. I breastfed you, had to protect your soft spot and bathe your umbilical cord, and today,  just look at you. You’re running around the living room with your blanket over your eyes, laughing in hysterics as we try to catch you. You can hold your own head up, and mine too. You say mama and dada and play peekaboo.

You’re personality is growing with each and every passing day. You are fearless and funny and my very best friend. You love to eat, be it bananas, tangerines or regular old carpet fluff your 8 tiny teeth with gnaw through it all. You love; In the night garden, My Little Pony and Peppa Pig, although you enjoy dancing to all of the music much more than watching the shows. You have us in stitches watching you wiggle your bum to any old tune! In fact, you took your very first steps out of pure excitement for the My little Pony theme tune. That week we must have played it 1000 times to get you to walk.

You have a hundred books and you play with them all. Every day we read together and every day you smile and laugh at how clever you are at turning the pages and feeling the different textured books. You love to play in the bath, alone or with me, you are always so happy and excited when we splish splash and sing.

You love your sleep! For as long as I can remember you always have. I am a very lucky mummy that you have always slept so well (please continue to sleep when your baby brother arrives next month). You sleep with a dummy, your bedtime bear and a sock… Yes a sock. When you were a baby we used to put you to sleep wearing mittens so you wouldn’t scratch your face, you then learned how to take these off throughout the night but when I would go in to get you in the morning you would always be holding your mitten, rubbing it on your nose. You now have a sock (a clean sock) because they are bigger. When you are tired you try to find your dummy and your sock and you won’t go to sleep without them.

When you were first born I could carry you everywhere, you were so light and still, so warm and cuddly. Now my back aches as I carry you up the stairs, but you’re still so warm and cuddly but not one bit still.

You play your tambourine and your ukulele like a little pro, you are so happy and proud of yourself when you play music. You clap your hands and have the biggest grin on your face as we cheer you on.

A  year ago I could not have imagined how much you would change my life, you are an amazingly funny and kind little person who knows her own mind and just how to wrap daddy around your finger. We love you so much. Now you are one. I still don’t believe it. How can you be one.

One year on and I still stare at you in sheer amazement, love and yes sometimes fear, I could stay looking and smiling at you for hours but you’re too busy playing and toddling around to just sit and look back anymore. I hope you are happy and I make you smile as much as you make me smile. I hope I am giving you everything you want and need. I know you are giving me everything I want and need.

You are my sun,my moon, and all my stars. 

Love you always

Mama x



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