My Pregnancy Journal: Week 33- Baby #2

Week 33, man, am I feeling it!
Feeling what?

According to Bounty.

This week my baby is…

85bbcfc9e6e9bf4135c3e91bd0ebd7e4--hula-girls-pineapple-clip-artAs Big is a Pineapple. 

Actually, according to bounty, my baby is as big as a butternut squash…but that was week 29. I have really grown to hate comparing my baby’s size to food. It seams every week websites swap and change which fruit and veg they have for certain weeks of pregnancy just for the fun of it. Oh well only 6/7 more veggies to go…hopefully.

So baby is around 4.5lbs now and roughly 44cm in length. He could already have a full head of hair, although if his sister is anything to go by there will only be a couple of little hairs on his cute and squishy head. Little mans bones are still hardening, all apart from his skull which will stay soft until the birth. I have been reading that now is the time that baby will have perhaps shifted into the head down position…perhaps now. Baby is currently breech and there is less and less room in my tummy for him to flip around!

My Body this week

I feel massive, I look massive. I need to pee constantly and because of baby position he is trapping parts of my bladder when I pee meaning I am getting water infection after water infection. Lucky me hey.

I feel weird. I wake up and I want to do lots of things. I have a list as long as my arm of things I want to do. Do the washing, drying, tidy up, get the nursery ready, hand and foot printing with my daughter, lots of different healthy meals I want to make… But can I be bothered to do any of it? Nope. I am exhausted. I start to do something and then, BAM, my back hurts, my legs weaken and I just want to sit down. Something as simple as loading the washing machine is enough to have me on the sofa for a small nana nap!

I am really enjoying baths at the moment. My muscles totally relax and I feel weightless. Which is great because I feel 10000lbs the majority of the time. As soon as my daughter goes to bed I draw myself a nice deep bath with Epsom salts and either a lovely little lush bubble bar or a big dollop of my favourite sanctuary spa bath soak. I could stay in there for hours. I do have to keep my phone next to me though, I don’t browse Facebook/IG/Twitter on anything, I simply need it so I can text my husband when to help me out. We have such a deep bath it is physically impossible for me to pull myself up and out these days. Oh the joys.

Cravings and Aversions

Basically everything I am not allowed to eat I find myself thinking about. I want Brie and camembert, Pate and Baileys. Obviously, I can’t have any of it. So I am making do with Babybels and hot chocolate. Its not quite the same…

What did I buy for the little guy?

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. There is nothing else left to buy him… I don’t think. I think we have everything we should for little mans arrival, and although I want him to keep cooking for another few weeks yet, I am positive if he was to arrive early, we would have everything we needed… Apart from a lottery win.

J x






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