My Pregnancy Journal: Week 34- Baby #2

Week 34. I suddenly get extra thirsty as soon as my head hits the pillow causing me to drink copious amounts of water. The only problem is, my bladder only seems to let me drink 150ml of water before I become ‘desperate’ for the loo.
I cant get a decent nights sleep for constantly needing to pee.
I cant get comfy on either side for pins and needles, when I do get comfy I need to pee.
Baby boy is way more active at night, specifically, when I am drifting off to sleep, causing me to wake up fully…and then pee.
Basically my 34th week of pregnancy has made me extra tired and extra grumpy. It has also awarded me with the gold in competitive peeing. 

According to Bounty.

This week my baby is…

cabbage-mdAs Big as a cabbage. 

So my little bundle of joy now weighs something near 5lbs and is around 45cm land. The more weight he puts on the smoother his skin will be. His hearing should be developed enough to actually hear me by now. Bless him. I spend the majority of my day singing songs to my little girl, badly might I add, I bet he spends his days with his hands over his little ears.

His tiny lungs are almost fully developed at this point so he should be ready to breath on his own after the birth and let out that long awaited first cry. Apparently, his testicles are starting to move down into his scrotum now too… thats good to know.

My Body this week

Ugh. It cant be possible to get any bigger, but my tummy is stretching so much. I can no longer breath when I bend and tend to leave most things lying on the ground for someone else to pick up these days because it takes 2000% more effort to bend than usual. TIP: Toddlers are very useful at picking these dropped items up for you, but don’t expect it to be an easy job trying to get it back from them. 

I have made it to week 34 of my second pregnancy and finally come to terms with the fact that I will not be getting a pregnancy glow. Unless thats what the sweaty upper lip and flushed face is supposed to be, from walking just 100 yards. It now takes 3x as long to waddle anywhere and so much more effort. Its winter, so I need to wear a coat outside but I get so hot and bothered whilst walking that I have an argument with myself overtime I put my coat on as to whether its going to stay on for longer than 5 minutes or not.

Midwife Appointment 

I had my routine 34 week midwife appointment this week. They checked the usual, pee, blood pressure, ankles, my mood and of course the baby. I usually have a qualified midwife and a student midwife in the room at my appointments and when feeling around for baby this week they both had different opinions on which direction baby is facing. The qualified midwife thinks baby is head down, student midwife thinks baby is breech. The last time I had an appointment I was told baby was head down by the midwife, I had a scan 2 days later and baby was actually breech so I’m not sure who to believe at the moment. I have another scan on the 28th December so I will find out then!

Cravings & Aversions 

Ham and cheese slice sandwiches with toasted bread. I don’t know why but the cheese slice tastes so much better in the sandwich than any other cheese.
Also! I am so excited because I can finally use my favourite cinnamon stick candle again without feeling nauseous! I am making up for not using it by burning it at every chance I get.

J x



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