My Pregnancy Journal: Week 35 & 36- Baby #2


According to Bounty

This week my baby is…

Banana-clipart-free-clip-art-2-clipartcowAs big as a bunch of bananas.

My little nugget weighs around 6.4 lbs at the moment and by the time he is born he should be near the 8 lbs mark. His sister was 7 lbs 15 oz and he is on track for being of a similar size.

My Body this week

I officially hate Braxton Hicks. They are so uncomfortable and happen at any point throughout the day. I try to change positions, but any position I get myself into at the moment is uncomfortable.

I can physically see baby moving around now, any movement that he seams to make I can see. I can even see his little feet sticking into my side. Its quite creepy to be honest, but not as creepy as seeing your entire stomach raise on one side and slowly move to the other, it really is like something out of Alien.

Baby has officially turned around and is now head down. Finally. I feel as though a giant weight has been lifted that I no longer constantly think about how I might handle having to have a breech birth/c-section. However, now baby is head down I feel like he is trying to get his head engaged and its a little…uncomfortable. At times I feel as though he is bouncing on my cervix trying to break out and it takes my breath away at times, and wakes me throughout the night.

Nesting. I love nesting. My back doesn’t like nesting. But I love nesting.

Final growth scan

Yay! Baby is no longer breech and is headed in the right direction. His weight is perfect and I have been discharged from the hospital and handed back into midwife care. Woop!


I am extremely … irritable, to say the least. My husband could be doing something so thoughtful and kind for me and I would still roll my eyes at him. Everything irritates me, everyone irritates me, the presenters on CBeebies irritate me, I am irritating me! Once the anger dissipates I am usually in floods of tears, with big red puffy eyes surrounded by tissues. Then I calm myself down and go back to normal, for about an hour, and then the irrational emotions creep back up.

J x

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