My Pregnancy Journal: Week 37 & 38- Baby #2

I am officially full term! Baby could literally come any day now. Eeeeeeek. I hope he comes soon I am exhausted and more than ready to meet my little man.

According to bounty

This week baby is as big as a…


Baby is roughly 7lbs and should gain around 1/2 lb each week from now on until birth. His tummy will be full of meconium (his first poop) and his lungs should be fully developed and more than able to adjust to life out of my tummy. Baby should be in the ‘engaged and head down’ position by now but I should find out at my midwife appointment next week. As he is classed as full term now he is basically just waiting for my real contractions to start!  I wish I knew where the “start labour contractions” button was. I would press that thing so quick. Then instantly regret it, because, well… ouch!

My body this week

Braxton hicks coming out of my ears. I never really minded Braxton Hicks so much earlier in my pregnancy but towards the end every contraction you feel makes you think ‘ooooo is this it?’ but it never is. Its like torture for the overly excited soon to be new mum (again).

Baby is putting so much pressure on my pelvis. I guess that is a good thing as it means he is heading in the right direction and helping to soften my cervix. I have my 39 week midwife appointment on Wednesday and I really hope she tells me that he is on his way out. Fingers crossed.

Since baby has started to make his way down into my pelvis I have more room to breath. Don’t get me wrong I still can’t bend or see anything on the floor directly underneath me (including the dog when she stands too close, whoops) but at least I can breath a little easier. On the downside I get that much pressure in my pelvis I swear It feels like he is trying to stick his hand out and wave!

WARNING. *Too much information*Readers of a nervous disposition please skip ahead. 
This week I lost a part of my mucus plug. This usually happens before labour starts but doesn’t necessarily mean that birth is imminent, unfortunately. In my last pregnancy I lost my plug the day I started contractions,  that was still 4 days before I actually gave birth though. The mucus plug is like a thick jelly like substance that can be clear, brown or tinged with blood. It basically looks like snot…hence the mucus part. Its disgusting. You definitely won’t miss it or confuse it with anything else. All it means is that your cervix is starting to open.  I lost a part of it a couple of days ago and after googling it, like you do, came to the conclusion that as this is my second baby losing your mucus plug may mean labour is going to start sometime soon, but almost 5 days on and still no contractions. Not real ones anyway.
WARNING. *Too much information*
My body or my bowels should I say, are having a good … *cough* “clear out”. In the days before birth your extra hormones help to stimulate your bowels more frequently and this usually means, diarrhoea. Its natural for our bodies to do this to help make way for the baby, but its still gross. Who wants to spend the last few days of pregnancy on the toilet?

Thoughts and feelings 

I have been full of energy this week and I am in full on nesting mode. I’ve had the washing machine on every day and by 2pm I’ve had an empty wash basket, tidy bedrooms and clean bathrooms. I reckon I have scrubbed the upstairs bathroom every day this week, sometimes twice a day if I’ve really been in the mood.

Even though I have lots of energy, I wake up every morning around 3:30am and I really struggle getting back to sleep, sometimes for hours. I could deal with it if i was waking up to pee or because baby was making me feel uncomfortable but its none of those things, I am just simply awake, for no apparent reason! It gives me a good excuse to have an afternoon nap though I guess, not that I ever needed one before.

Natural ways of bringing on labour!

Pass me the pineapple. Im drinking it, I’m eating it and I swear its coming out in my sweat. Pineapple has an enzyme called Bromelain that could help to bring on labour but, I feel like I’ve definitely hit my daily pineapple limit and still no baby. You have to be careful with pineapple though, although its hella yummy and healthy it can give you a bad case of the trots! Eat with caution.

*TMI* Sex. I know what your thinking, at 38/39 weeks pregnant women are feeling tired, huge and so uncomfortable so why would they want to have sex? Its literally the last thing on your mind believe me, but as my retired midwife gran says “what gets it in there gets it out!”. Semen is high in prostaglandins that are the same chemicals that hospital use to induce labour so its worth a try. I think for it to work you would have to have a lot of sex, I’m not sure just the one time will cut it.

Nipple stimulation. Bounty suggest to use this method in conjunction with other natural ways of bringing on labour. Im not quite sure what they are getting at? It would be difficult to tweak and eat pineapple at the same time… 😉 (cheeky bounty). Back to it then. Nipple stimulation causes your body to produce oxytocin, this is the same hormone that causes labour contractions but upon further reading you’d have to do this for 4+ hours a day to be effective. Who has time to do that?

Curry- We all know that having a hot curry is supposed to kick start labour but does it actually work? Ive never heard anyone actually say that they had a curry and then started contracting. Apparently the spices help to stimulate your uterus. I don’t personally think ill be trying it because throughout my whole pregnancy spices haven’t sat well with me, and knowing me I would just end up with a bad case of tummy ache and no baby.

J x

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