My Pregnancy Journal: Week 39- Baby #2

According to bounty

This week baby is as big as a…


My little pumpkin is head down and weighs roughly 7.5lbs and is around 50cm long. He is more than ready to come out now, I am more than ready for him to come out now! He is basically just waiting for my contractions to start before he can make his arrival. Has anybody found the start contraction button yet by the way? Id be willing to pay handsomely for the location.

My body this week


Baby is still moving around as often as he usually does, which is great don’t get me wrong. I love being able to feel him wriggle and know that he is still ok. But the bigger he gets, the less room there is and every movement he makes is making me uncomfortable and is totally visible, even through a jumper!

Pelvic pressure! As he is preparing to make his arrival his head is moving further down and putting pressure onto my pelvis making things very uncomfortable. Oh and just when I think I can’t possibly pee any more frequently than I already do… I do. I didn’t even know that I could pee, stand up and then need to sit back down to pee again!

Braxton hicks. Still happening. All of the time. Every slight pain I get I’m thinking “oooo is this it? Is this it?”… It never is!

Our snowy trip to the hospital.


Tuesday night I was getting out of the bath and felt three small gushes of water that proceeded to trickle down my leg (of course it started snowing at exactly the same time). I wasn’t entirely sure what it was, it didn’t feel like pee and my waters broke during my first pregnancy an hour before I started pushing and I only remember it feeling really warm and wet. Around half an hour after, I started to get uncomfortable regular pains every 10 minutes or so that started in my back and moved to the front. Was this it? After a couple of hours of timing contractions me and my husband decided that I would call the maternity ward to ask for advice. The pains were no where near strong enough to warrant me going to the hospital thinking I was any where near delivering a baby, but the fact that I wasn’t sure whether my water had broken had made us a little nervous.  I called and was told to come to the maternity unit, wearing a pad so that if i was leaking amniotic fluid it could be checked when I got to the hospital.

When I arrived at the hospital I was greeted but this lovely midwife who tested my pee and my maternity towel. As there was no visible signs of amniotic fluid on my pad I was offered a speculum to check further. A speculum is a slightly uncomfortable internal exam, it doesn’t hurt, but its not something thats very pleasant. It basically separates the walls of your vagina so the cervix is visible and then they gently swab the area to test for amniotic fluid. The test is much like a pregnancy test, they drop the swab in some fluid and put in a little dip stick and lines appear if there are any waters present.

In my case it turned out that my waters hadn’t began leaking so I either peed myself or it as bath water. Its disheartening when you think your waters have broken and you’re told you probably just peed your self, and of course its slightly embarrassing. I would rather go to the hospital and get checked out than wait and risk causing an infection in my baby.

Thoughts on labour

Im excited for labour, I want to meet my baby. I can’t wait to have my body back and my little one in my arms. That doesn’t mean I am not completely freaking out about going into labour. I am also extremely anxious about when it will happen.

I don’t drive. I have a 14 month old. We live… in the middle of no where (the nearest shop is 8 miles away). My husband works half an hour away from home and often likes to forget to check his phone, which is great when I could literally give birth any day. So once I finally get a hold of him ill have to deal with my toddler and wait for him to arrive. The hospital is 40 minutes away too, did I mention it has started snowing this week?  That will make getting up the hills easier and the roads safer wont it? I am worried we are going to drive 20 minutes in one direction and then get stuck in the snow or not be able to get up a hill and have to turn around, go past home, then drive to the hospital in another direction.

Knowing my luck my contractions will come on thick and fast midst snow storm, my husband won’t answer his phone, the in laws will be stuck at work, and ill have to deliver my baby with the help of some nearby farmers, but its ok because they birth lambs, humans and lambs are the same right?

J x


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