My Pregnancy Journal: Week 40- Baby #2

I sit and write this post at 40 weeks + 4 days gestation, bouncing and circling on my birthing ball with a large glass of pineapple juice at my side. I am sore, I am exhausted and I want this baby out, preferably now.

According to bounty

This week baby is as big as a…




Baby is around 50cm in length now and should weigh around 8lbs. He is more than ready to be born now, however he is being decidedly stubborn.

When my little lazy bones is (finally) born, his vision will still need to be developed and he will therefore only be able to see around 2.5cm in front of his face. So as much as I will be staring at his gorgeous little face, he won’t be able to see mine quite yet. On the plus side he should recognise my voice and hopefully my husbands.

My body this week

Well my due date has officially passed and I am feeling fed up and impatient. I know a couple of extra days/weeks of pregnancy when you have already made it through 9 months of it doesn’t sound like much, but trust me, its hell.
For 9 months you have a date given to you for when they expect you to have your baby, you memorise this date and often end up telling everyone that you meet because everyone always asks. You spend 9 months counting down the weeks and days until you get to meet your precious little one. So when that date comes and goes, you get a little disheartened. Its like waiting for a pre-order amazon parcel that says its going to be delivered on 24th January between 9-5pm, then that date comes and you check your order status and it still says preparing for dispatch. So you end up just sitting by the door for the next few days instead, staring out of the window wondering why the postal gods hate you so much. Its kind of like that, but worse. 

So much pelvic pressure! Seriously, I have never felt pressure/pain like this. Its so uncomfortable the only way to somewhat ease the pain is to jump in a nice warm bath. I felt pressure down below with my first pregnancy but nothing quite like this. TMI ALERT. I feel like I am being stabbed up my hoohaa with a red hot poker. I can’t walk, I can’t sit, it gets to the point where I really can’t handle the pain. I know that sounds ridiculous because I’m about to push out the equivalent of 4 bags of sugar but I would genuinely rather deal with that pain than this hot poker, stinging, burning, tearing pain in my area!
Midwife appointment
I went for my routine midwife check this week, everything is fine, baby is still measuring well and has a strong heart rate. My appointment was on the day of my 40th week and the midwife gave me a couple of tips on kickstarting labour, one of which being acupressure. find the spot between your thumb and your indie finger, apply light pressure and massage. My midwife did this all day, alternating hands, the day before she went into labour and swears its the reason her contractions started. But who knows.
We also booked my next midwife appointment, at 41 weeks. I really hope I don’t need to attend and Ill already have my sweet little baby by then but who knows. If I am still pregnant at 41 weeks my midwife will be able to give me a sweep.


Meat! Like caveman style. Rare beef, thick juicy gammon, pork chops. I just want a platter of different meats, I want to sit in my room with my feet up, watch crappy TV and just eat meat. I have literally been having dreams about cartoon style gammon, Tom & Jerry style with the bone still in. Its a good job I’m not a vegetarian.

Hopefully I’ll have a baby the next time I post!

J x


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