Who am I to judge?

Im not a writer. But I am a mother and a wife and occasionally I get a few minutes of peace to drink my cold coffee that I made 3 hours ago and write about stuff. Why don’t I make a new, steaming cup of coffee when my little peanut is sleeping like an angel? Simple, because she can smell when my coffee gets to optimum drinking temperature and then her eyes open wide and you can see her cute little face turn from pastel pink to maroon in the space of seconds, then she screams until there’s no warmth left in my mug. Its just easier to learn to love cold coffee. So here I am. Sitting on the floor at the side of the Moses basket, with yesterdays pants on, hair in an unintentional messy bun, with a clap-cold cup of coffee, hiding from my daughter as I write this. I am not going to tell you how to make the most out of your pregnancy, or how to parent your child. Im just sharing my experiences of motherhood and marriage because thats all I know.

Jennifer x

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